Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards (2024) Voting, Awards, Winners, Wiki & More

Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards is a Bengali-language television shows awards show, presented by Star Jalsha. The award show held on 9th February. The award show will be broadcast on Star Jalsha in late March 2024.

Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards 2024
Image: Star Jalsha
Show NameStar Jalsha Parivaar Awards
Show Name In Bengaliস্টার জলসা পরিবার অ্যাওয়ার্ড
ChannelStar Jalsha
Voting ModeOnline
Premiered DateTBA

Voting Process

The voting of Star Jalsha Parivaar Award 2024 held on call. The voting process started on 17th January and it ended on 1st February.

Priyo Bou9152323221
Priyo Bor9152323222
Priyo Juti9152323223
Priyo Parivaar9152323224

Venue, Date & Telecast Time

Star Jalsha Parivaar Award 2024 ceremony held on 9th February in 21st Century Studios, Kolkata.

The broadcast date of the award show is not announced yet by Star Jalsha.


Complete list of the nominees in Star Jalsha Parivaar Award 2024-

Priyo Bou

  • Swastika Ghosh as Deepa “Anurager Chowa”
  • Suvosmita Mukherjee as Oishani “Horogouri Pice Hotel”
  • Abhika Malakar as Rani “Tomader Rani”
  • Aparajita Adhya as Kojagori “Jol Thoi Thoi Valobasa”
  • Annwesha Hazra as Sandhya “Sandhyatara”
  • Susmili Acharjee as Sarbani “Ramprasad”
  • Susmita Dey as Kotha “Kotha”

Priyo Bor

  • Dibyojyoti Dutta as Surjo “Anurager Chowa”
  • Rahul Mazumdar as Shankar “Horogouri Pice Hotel”
  • Arkaprovo Roy as Durjoy “Tomader Rani”
  • Om Sahani as Omkar “Love Biye Aaj Kal”
  • Saurojit Banerjee as Akashnil “Sandhyatara”
  • Sabyasachi Chowdhury as Ramprasad “Ramprasad”
  • Saheb Bhattacharya as Agniv “Kotha”

Priyo Juti

  • Sarbani & Ramprasad “Ramprasad”
  • Oishani & Shankar “Horogouri Pice Hotel”
  • Rani & Durjoy “Tomader Rani”
  • Shrabon & Omkar “Love Biye Aaj Kal”
  • Sandhya & Akashnil “Sandhyatara”
  • Geeta & Swastik “Geeta LLB”
  • Kotha & Avy “Kotha”

Priyo Parivaar

  • Ramprasad
  • Tomader Rani
  • Geeta LLB
  • Sandhyatara
  • Jol Thoi Thoi Valobasa
  • Anurager Chowa
  • Horogouri Pice Hotel
  • Kotha

Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards 2024 Winners List

Priyo BoumaDeepaAnurager Chowa
Priyo CheleSurjoAnurager Chowa
Priyo KhalnayikaMishkaAnurager Chowa
Priyo Trend StarArjunAnurager Chowa
Priyo BhaiJoyAnurager Chowa
Priyo Choto SodosshoSona
Anurager Chowa
Sera JamaiDebTumi Ashe Pashe Thakle
Priyo ShosurPrabir
Anurager Chowa
Horogouri Pice Hotel
Priyo ShashuriLabonyo
Anurager Chowa
Tomader Rani
Priyo Nobagoto SodosshoDurjoy
Tomader Rani
Priyo Nobagota SodosshoRani
Tomader Rani
Geeta LLB
Tumi Ashe Pashe Thakle

Where to Watch Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards 2024 Online?

Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards 2024 will be available on the online OTT platform Hotstar. Where you can watch the complete award show.

Visit from any browser to watch Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards 2024 online in computer, laptop, or any browser supported devices. Also, you can download the Hotstar App in phone, tv, tablets, or any Android or iOS supported devices.

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