Telugu Serials TRP 2023: Star Maa, Zee Telugu, Gemini TV, ETV Telugu & More

In this article, you will find the every week BARC TRP report of Telugu serials and channels. TRP is very important for tv channels. It impacts the channels business and also depends the serial sustainability.

Telugu Serials TRP

From July 2023 to the end of this year, every week Telugu serials urban and rural both TRP will be listed here.

Popular Telugu serial channels like Star Maa, Zee Telugu, Gemini TV, ETV Telugu and more channels TRP reports are included. But mostly there is always Star Maa and Zee Telugu are seen in the top 10 TRP slots.

Note: Sometimes may we miss the Gemini TV and ETV Telugu trp report because it can not be found easily.

Telugu Serial TRP 13 July 2023

Week: 27

Channels: Star Maa, Zee Telugu, Gemini TV, ETV Telugu

RankSerialTRP (U+R)Channel
1Brahmamudi13.40Star Maa
2Naga Panchami11.17Star Maa
3Krishna Mukunda Murari10.82Star Maa
4Trinayani8.73Zee Telugu
5Prema Entha Madhuram8.30Zee Telugu
6Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini8.29Star Maa
7Malli7.76Star Maa
8Nuvvu Nenu Prema7.61Star Maa
9Padamati Sandhya Ragam7.55Zee Telugu
10Janaki Kalaganalede6.37Star Maa
11Intiki Deepam Illalu6.35Star Maa
12Vantalakka6.34Star Maa
13Ammai Garu6.24Zee Telugu
14Madhura Nagarilo6.16Star Maa
15Yeda Loyallo Indradanussu5.78Star Maa
16Kumkuma Puvvu5.77Star Maa
17Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyavathi5.67Zee Telugu
18Paape Maa Jeevana Jyothi5.50Star Maa
19Rangula Ratnam5.08ETV Telugu
20Ennenno Janmala Bandam5.06Zee Telugu
21Guppedantha Manasu4.77Star Maa
22Maavaru Mastaru4.67Zee Telugu
23Gruhalakshmi4.51Star Maa
24Radhamma Kuthuru4.36Zee Telugu
25Mukku Pudaka4.22Zee Telugu
26Gundamma Katha4.00Zee Telugu
27Guvvagorinka3.99ETV Telugu
28Rajeshwari Vilas Coffee Club,
Shubhasya Sheeghram
3.62Zee Telugu
29Manasantha Nuvve3.53ETV Telugu
30Suryakantam3.45Zee Telugu
31Ravoyi Chandamama3.29ETV Telugu
32Devatalaara Deevinchandi3.15Zee Telugu
33Oohalu Gusagusalade3.07Zee Telugu
34Radhaku Neevera Pranam3.06Zee Telugu
35Avunu Valliddaru Ishtapaddaru2.55Star Maa
36Mithai Kottu Chittemma2.38Zee Telugu
37Shatamanam Bhavati2.03ETV Telugu
38Kalyanam Kamaneeyam1.98Zee Telugu
39Mouna Poratam1.60ETV Telugu
40Maa Attha Bangaram1.50ETV Telugu
41Renuka Yellamma1.42Star Maa
42Padmavathi Kalyanam1.40ETV Telugu
43Pelli Pusthakam1.35ETV Telugu
44Sadguru Sai1.23ETV Telugu
45Anupallavi1.07ETV Telugu
46Srivalli0.97ETV Telugu
47Sundari0.92Gemini TV
48Endukante Premanta0.84ETV Telugu
49Aa Okkati Adakku0.77Gemini TV
50Anu Ane Nenu0.54Gemini TV
51Thaali0.48Gemini TV
52Hamsageetham0.44Gemini TV
53Ala Venkatarapuram Lo,
Vontari Gulabi,
0.34Gemini TV
54Uppena0.28Gemini TV
55Sravana Sandhya0.27Gemini TV
56Geethanjali0.20Gemini TV

Telugu Serial TRP 6 July 2023

Week: 26

Channels: Star Maa, Zee Telugu

RankSerialTRP (U+R)Channel
1Brahmamudi13.11Star Maa
2Prema Entha Maduram8.18Zee Telugu
3Krishna Mukunda Murari11.08Star Maa
4Trinayani8.15Zee Telugu
5Naga Panchami10.91Star Maa
6Padamati Sandhya Raagam7.31Zee Telugu
7Ammai Garu6.15Zee Telugu
8Krishnamma Kaliphindi Iddarini8.04Star Maa
9Nuvu Nenu Prema,
7.25Star Maa
10Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Sowbhagyavathi5.58Zee Telugu
11Intiki Deepam Illalu6.74Star Maa
12Yeda loyallo Indradanussu5.50Star Maa
13Janaki Kalaganaledu6.41Star Maa
14Madhura Nagarilo6.21Star Maa
15Maavaru Mastaaru4.61Zee Telugu
16Kumkuma Puvvu5.74Star Maa
17Vantalakka5.95Star Maa
18Mukkupudaka4.13Zee Telugu
19Paape Maa Jeevana Jyothi5.32Star Maa
20Gundamma Katha4.09Zee Telugu
21Guppedantha Manasu4.85Star Maa
22Suryakantham3.58Zee Telugu
23Enneno Janmala Bandham5.34Star Maa
24Rajeshwari Vilas Coffee Club3.84Zee Telugu
25Subhasya Seeghram3.97Zee Telugu
26Radhamma Kuthuru4.05Zee Telugu
27Intinti Gruhalakshmi4.46Star Maa
28Oohalu Gusagusalade3.25Zee Telugu
29Radhaku Neevera Pranam2.86Zee Telugu
30Devathalara Deevinchandi2.81Zee Telugu
31Mithai Kottu Chittemma2.46Zee Telugu
32Avunu Validdaru Ishta Paddaru2.43Star Maa
33Kalyanam Kamaneeyam1.92Zee Telugu
34Renuka Yellamma1.51Star Maa

Unfortunately we don’t have Gemini TV and ETV Telugu TRP report of the 26th week of 2023.

Stay with us to get the correct BARC TRP ratings of Telugu serials.

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