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Meyebela is an Indian TV serial in Bengali language that used to aired on Star Jalsha. The serial stars Swikriti Majumder and Arpan Ghoshal in lead roles. The serial was directed by Suman Das and produced by Surinder Singh and Nispal Singh under the banner of Surinder Films.

The story of Meyebela serial was written by Debika Mukherjee and Shaoli Debnath wrote the screenplay. The dialogues in this serial was written by Suvomoy Biswas.

Meyebela Serial
Serial NameMeyebela
Serial Name In Bengaliমেয়েবেলা
ChannelStar Jalsha
Main CastSwikriti Majumder
Arpan Ghoshal
First Aired Date23 January 2023
Last Aired Date23 June 2023
Total Episodes149

Meyebela Cast

Complete list of the actors and actresses who appeared in the Star Jalsha serial Meyebela-

Swikriti Majumder as Mohona aka Mou

Swikriti Majumder in Meyebela

Arpan Ghoshal as Nirjhor Mitra aka Dodo

Arpan Ghoshal in Meyebela serial look

Roopa Ganguly as Bithi Mitra

Anushree Das

Note: Anushree Das replaces Roopa Ganguly.

Biplab Banerjee as Surajit Mitra

Biplab Banerjee in Meyebela serial look

Sreya Bhattacharya as Othoi

Sreya Bhattacharya in Meyebela serial look

Sawon Chakraborty as Titu

Sawon Chakraborty in Meyebela serial look

Chitra Sen as Purnima Mitra

Chitra Sen in Meyebela

Subhrajit Dutta as Subho

Subhrajit Dutta in Meyebela serial look

Rob Dey as Plabon

Rob Dey

Sahana Sen as Ela Mitra

Sahana Sen in Meyebela serial look

Animesh Bhaduri as Lalu Mitra

Animesh Bhaduri

Nabonita Dey as Susmita Bhaduri

Nabonita Dey

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury as Chandni

Debaparna Paul Chowdhury in Meyebela serial look

Soume Chatterjee as Piu

Soume Chatterjee in Meyebela serial look

Mimi Dutta as Gunja

Mimi Dutta

Shreyasee Samanta as Otosi

Shreyasee Samanta in Meyebela serial look

Sandip Chakraborty as Swapan

Sandip Chakraborty in Meyebela serial look

Avijit Sarkar

Avijit Sarkar in Meyebela serial look

Ratna Sarkar

Ratna Sarkar in Meyebela serial look

Nilanjan Datta as Avijit Dutta

Nilanjan Datta in Meyebela serial look

Nabanita Dutta

Nabanita Dutta in Meyebela serial look

Rohit Mukherjee

Rohit Mukherjee in Meyebela serial look

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Where to Watch Meyebela Online?

Meyebela is available on the online OTT platform Hotstar. Where you can watch all the latest and old episodes of the Star Jalsha serial Meyebela.

Visit from any browser to watch Meyebela serial online in computer, laptop, or any browser supported devices. Also, you can download the Hotstar App in phone, tv, tablets, or any Android or iOS supported devices.

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  1. Excellent beginning of the Serial Meyebela. However, it is requested to please do not divert the storyline and keep maintain the impact of the serial with a most convincing matter, as it is now going on. Actually most of the serials used to derailed with the time going on and turned to an irritating one to watch. Most recent Alta forign is one of such examples.

  2. In continuation to my earlier post mentioned above, after watching recent episodes, now it seems that though to a lesser extent, but some how some unconvincing portrayal has began; perhaps to gain high TRPs.

    1. Change of behaviour of Bithi Masi towards Mou and fulfillment of her planning during Dol Purnima episodes were not digestible. It was very awkward to see that initially Chandi wore Paint-Shirt of Dodo and in the late night, she wore Saree and pored colours/Abeer to Dodo at a very odd timing. She should have wore Saree by refusing wearing Paint Shirt of Dodo at that very time and should not initiate such activity at late night with Dodo. All were looking very artificial.

    2. Further, in yesterday’s episode, the characterization of Dr. Subodh seems unnatural. I do not think that a renowned Doctor should behave in such a manner with his daughter-in-law openly that too when he was already alleged for such an unwanted behaviour with female members of his in-laws house. His effort to escape from the House in presence of Police was also a childish/foolish act.

    3. The action taken by female members against Dr. subodh was also most unnatural, that too in presence of Police Officer.

    Pointed out for maintaining rationale script writing to a possible extent.


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