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Jagadhatri is a Bengali-language Indian television show that aired on Zee Bangla. The serial stars Soumyadeep Mukherjee and Ankita Mallick in lead roles. The serial is directed by Sukamal Nath and produced by Snehasish Chakraborty under the banner Blues Productions.

The story, screenplay and dialogues of Jagadhatri are written by Snehasish Chakraborty. Kartik Das is in charge of the cinematography for this serial, and the editing is handled by Bapon Pramanik and Kunal Banerjee.

Jagadhatri airs Monday to Sunday at 7 PM on Zee Bangla.

Jagadhatri Serial
Image: Zee Bangla
Serial NameJagadhatri
Serial Name In Bengaliজগদ্ধাত্রী
ChannelZee Bangla
Production CompanyBlues Productions
Release Date29 August 2022
Time Slot7:00 PM (Mon-Sun)
Total Episodes565

Jagadhatri Cast

Complete list of the actors and actresses who appeared in the Zee Bangla serial Jagadhatri-

Soumyadeep Mukherjee as Swayambhu Mukherjee

Soumyadeep Mukherjee

Ankita Mallick as Jagadhatri aka Jas Sanyal

Ankita Mallick

Rupsha Chakraborty as Koushiki Chatterjee

Rupsha Chakraborty

Ritu Rai Acharya as Mehendi Mukherjee

Ritu Rai Acharya

Shobhana Bhunia as Upasana

Shobhana Bhunia

Kanchana Moitra as Shakuntala Sanyal

Kanchanaa Moitra

Prarona Bhattacharjee as Sangvi Mukherjee

Prarona Bhattacharjee

Rupsha Chatterjee as Gorima Mukherjee

Rupsha Chatterjee

Arka Chakraborty as Utsav Mukherjee

Arka Chakraborty

Soma Dey as Mahasweta Sanyal

Soma Dey

Biplab Banerjee as Deb Sanyal

Biplab Banerjee

Somasree Chaki as Nupur

Somasree Chaki

Roshni Ghosh as Aradhana Ganguly

Roshni Ghosh

Gaurav Ghosal as Anthony Menan

Gaurav Ghosal

Sahamita Acharya as Mouma Sanyal

Sahamita Acharya

Supriyo Dutta as Rajnath Mukherjee aka Raju

Supriyo Dutta

Aditya Chowdhury as Samaresh Chatterjee

Aditya Chowdhury

Sukanya Chatterjee as Shorindri

Sukanya Chatterjee

Priya Paul as Divya Sen

Priya Paul

Payel Tarafdar as Shayna Mukherjee

Payel Tarafdar

Nandini Saha as Tinni Chatterjee

Nandini Saha

Twarita Chatterjee as Prity

Twarita Chatterjee

Taniya Paul as Deepika Chatterjee

Taniya Paul

Subhajit Banerjee as Bagchi

Subhajit Banerjee

Sougata Dasgupta as Gunjon

Sougata Dasgupta

Koushiki Paul as Darpana Ganguly

Koushiki Paul

Debjay Mallick as Debu

Debjay Mallick

Satyam Majumdar as Sadhu Batobyal

Satyam Majumdar

Amitava Das as Pritam Laha

Amitava Das

Ananya Biswas as Nuri Nayak

Ananya Biswas

Sayantani Majumder as Simantini

Sayantani Majumder

Raja Kundu as Shambo Laha

Raja Kundu

Suravi Sanyal as Shalini Laha

Suravi Sanyal

Pallab Chakraborty as Tarun Tirtha Tolapatra

Pallab Chakraborty

Susmita Roy as Subhadra Basu

Susmita Roy

Siddhartha Ghosh as Sourandra

Siddhartha Ghosh

Devangana Fouzdar as Kakon Chatterjee

Devangana Fouzdar

Akash Ghosh as Lilliput

Akash Ghosh

Sujan Neel Mukherjee as Upal Maitra

Sujan Neel Mukherjee

Tridip Hazra as Chiranjeet

Tridip Hazra

List will be updated with the time new actors and actresses introduced in the serial Jagadhatri.

Story of Jagadhatri

The story of an orphan girl named Jagadhatri, who is living a normal life hiding her real identity that no one knows about except few loved ones of her. She is an intelligence officer code-named JAS. She is living an undercover life to fights against evils in this society. Swayambhu is his companion in this journey.

Where to Watch Jagadhatri Serial on OTT?

Jagadhatri is available on the online OTT platform Zee5. Where you can watch all the latest and old episodes of the Bengali serial Jagadhatri.

Visit zee5.com from any browser to watch Jagadhatri serial online in computer, laptop, or any browser supported devices. Also, you can download the Zee5 App in phone, tv, tablets, or any Android or iOS supported devices.

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