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Chuni Panna is an Indian TV serial in Bengali language that used to aired on Star Jalsha. The serial stars Annwesha Hazra, Dibyojyoti Dutta and Tulika Basu in lead roles. The serial was directed by Diptodeep Sengupta and produced by Mahendra Soni and Durgasha Maitra under the production company Shree Venkatesh Films.

The story of Chuni Panna serial was written by Malobika Anamika and Sahana Dutta wrote the screenplay for it. Originally the show first aired on 11 November 2019 and goes off air on 11 October 2020.

Chuni Panna Serial
Image: Hotstar
Serial NameChuni Panna
Serial Name In Bengaliচুনি পান্না
ChannelStar Jalsha
Main CastAnnwesha Hazra
Dibyojyoti Dutta
Tulika Basu
Release Date11 November 2019
Off Aired Date11 October 2020
Total Episodes242

Chuni Panna Cast

Complete list with name and photo of the actors and actresses who appeared in the Star Jalsha serial Chuni Panna-

Annwesha Hazra as Chayanika Mallik aka Chuni

Annwesha Hazra in Chunni Panna serial look

Dibyojyoti Dutta as Nirbhik Mallik

Dibyojyoti Dutta in Chuni Panna

Tulika Basu as Panna

Tulika Basu in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Payel De as Madhuja Mallik

Payel De in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Oindrila Saha as Lalita

Oindrila Saha in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Gulshanara Khatun as Apsara

Gulshanara Khatun in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Saugata Bandyopadhyay as Amit

Saugata Bandyopadhyay in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Prapti Chatterjee as Raji

Prapti Chatterjee in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Payel Dutta as Jhotpoti

Payel Dutta in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Alivia Sarkar as Mahua

Alivia Sarkar

Ananda Choudhuri as Ayan

Ananda Choudhuri

Biswanath Basu

Biswanath Basu in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Debdut Ghosh

Debdut Ghosh in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Arijita Mukhopadhyay

Arijita Mukhopadhyay in Chuni Panna serial episodic look

Prarona Bhattacharjee

Prarona Bhattacharjee

Indranil Mullick

Indranil Mullick

Sourav Chatterjee

Sourav Chatterjee

Apratim Chatterjee

Apratim Chatterjee

Moyna Mukherji

Moyna Mukherji

Anindita Kiana Das

Anindita Kiana Das

Ayesha Bhattacharya

Ayesha Bhattacharya

Barna Banerjee

Barna Banerjee

Bhaskar Banerjee

Image: Not Available

Parthasarathi Deb

Image: Not Available

Chhanda Chattopadhyay

Image: Not Available

Story of Chuni Panna

The title of the show was named on the two main protagonist of the show. Chuni a bubly sweet girl who wants to be a ghost hunter and the Ghost named Panna. Chuni gets married to Nirbhik Mallik. Nirbhik lives in a haunted house named ‘Bhoy Bhavan’. He was very scared of ghosts. Chuni and Nirbhik both has different mindset with ghosts. Chuni wants to meet ghosts and Nirbhik wants to ran away from ghosts.

One day Chuni met the ghost Panna, who is the former owner of the ‘Bhoy Bhavan’. After her death she is still in that house. But no one can see her only Chuni can see her. Panna realised that Chuni can see her so on she started making her life awful by creating problems on her daily life.

Where to Watch Chuni Panna Serial Online?

Chuni Panna is available on the online OTT platform Hotstar. Where you can watch all the latest and old episodes of the Star Jalsha serial Chuni Panna.

Visit from any browser to watch Chuni Panna serial online in computer, laptop, or any browser supported devices. Also, you can download the Hotstar App in phone, tv, tablets, or any Android or iOS supported devices.

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